The courtyard inside the residence - can you picture the dainty damsels in their silly gowns and the gents in their powdered wigs and high-heels?

"you'll be a bust ... in the hall of fame ..."

The bureau of the Duke Carl Eugen of Würtemberg, with a portrait of the famous nobleman and party-boy.

The elaborate palace gardens contain fake gothic ruins, built for the amusement of the baroque nobility. Today they also serve as a fairy tale theme park for the amusement of the 21st-century commoners.

The Märchengarten features a little boat ride, which Jacob and Julia found thoroughly enjoyable.

Schloss Ludwigsburg is surrounded by spectacular baroque gardens and is one of the most significant architectural and historic landmarks in Baden Würtemberg. It was built in 1704; designed by architect Johann Friedrich Nette; commissioned by Duke Eberhard Ludwig as a hunting lodge.