South Africa 2004

The Pretoria Zoo

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The Pretoria Zoo is one of the best in the world. Considering the crowds the Sunday we visited, the zoo seems also very popular. The collection of animals includes some very rare species, the zoo has very successful breeding programs, and the newer habitats are really nice. We were able to see the feeding of the huge cape vultures and the North American alligators (!). Very impressive was also the huge kodiak, who kept checking out the visitors, standing on his hind legs and leaning against the glass.

Feeding cape vultures Alligator feeding
  Marine iguana Nile crocodile Malaysian tapir
African wild dogs Asian tiger Himalayan Takin
Kodiak bear Hippopotamus (with baby)

I found the crowds at the Pretoria Zoo almost as interesting as the zoo itself. Nice cross-section of the very urban, cosmopolitan Johannesburg-Pretoria metro area.