After our first trip to Iceland in 2005, we had really wanted to go back for a longer vacation. We wanted to take some time to explore this awesome island and meet some of the amazing people who live there. In 2023 we decided to spend 2 weeks there, riding Icelandic horses, saving puffins and climbing vulcanoes.

Once in a while we take trips back to the "old country" to visit friends and family. Here are some pics from the last couple of trips, which covered mostly the south-west of Germany, including Heidelberg, the greater Stuttgart area, parts of the Black Forest, and Freiburg, as well as Alsace.

In June 2005, we spent five days exploring Reykjavik and the southern coast of Iceland. On this site I want to share some of the images of this journey with you and invite you to find out more about this beautiful, amazing place.

In September 2004, we went to visit relatives and friends in Hawai'i. We spent 6 days on O'ahu and 4 days on Hawai'i island (the "big island"). Here are some pictures from one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Our first trip back to Africa, after over ten years, took us to South Africa. This was also the first Africa trip for our children. We traveled to Pretoria and then to rural KwaZulu Natal.

My journey to the heart of the hot continent

In 1990, my first journey to Africa took me from Germany to Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Benin and to Togo. A year later, I returned to Togo, and stayed for a while in a small village in the mountains and worked as a bushtaxi driver.

What I had come to realize was that as a traveler you may see a lot of Africa, but you learn little. And in Yikpa, I had the rare opportunity, and privilege, to become part of a community.

Especially once I started working like everyone else to put food in the pot, more people understood that I was not some rich bum from yovoland. I was just a regular guy in the village, trying to make a living. I was not just yovo - I was yovotaxi!

I use this website,, to share with you all some of the fun, weird and cool stuff that happened during my time in Africa. I also started adding photo albums from our trips as a family, now that the kids are old enough for some real travel, not just a trip to the beach.